Interesting Facts About Maryland!

Maryland resides near the upper north eastern corner of the United States of America, and it holds a lot of importance in the country despite its small size. It was one of the first 13 colonies that began the United States in the first place, and it ultimately became the 7th official state. A large population of people fill the small area, with at least 6 million having been reported there as of the last major census. This is largely due to the large city of Baltimore and Annapolis, the state capital.

Like many states, Maryland has a handful of nicknames. One of the most commonly used is the Old Line State. Even more exist however, including the Chesapeake Bay State and the Free State. The official name itself was chosen in honor of Henrietta Maria, the French wife of Charles the 1st, the British king from 1625 through 1649.

Maryland is fairly close to Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. The history of the two is actually tied to one another quite closely. The land that eventually became the capital district was once within Maryland’s borders and donated to coincide with the wishes of George Washington, the 1st US President. Virginia also initially gave up land, but it was reclaimed, leaving only what was originally the Prince George and Montgomery counties of Maryland.

The economy in Maryland has been quite successful over the years. A lot of manufacturing is done there, and much of the advancement in biotechnology has been birthed within its borders. Though partially facilitated by the aforementioned small size, the median income for families in Maryland is higher than any other state.

Of course, plenty of interesting pieces of US history has taken place in Maryland. The United States’ Naval Academy got its start there in the fall of 1845. Baltimore also became the home of the first railroad station from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company. There’s a lot of important architecture around as well, one notable example being the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Basilica in Baltimore.

Overall, that really only scratches the surface. Francis Scott Key – the composer of the national anthem – was born on Terra Rubra Farm in Carrol, a country in Keymar, MD. The capital city Annapolis has also become one of the central representatives of sailing throughout the entire world. The state also has nearly 50 official state parks. It really goes on and on from there. When it all comes down to it, Maryland is a state full of rich history, and its small amount of land area has no bearing on just how big of an impact it has made throughout the country and the world as a whole.