Restaurants That Serve Up Soul Food And More In Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga is one of Tennessee’s most well-known cities, and it’s a place many people travel to each year. It’s also a city that people pass through quite often. I remember passing through Chattanooga many times. Have you? If you have, did you ever stop for a meal somewhere? The locals in Chattanooga would surely love for you to stop by and check out some of their top ranked establishments. After reading about some of them and their menu items, you won’t be able to help yourself.

Out of over 650 restaurants in Knoxville TN, St. John’s Restaurant on Market Street is one of the best. Some of the highlighted menu items include lobster, venison and carrot cake for dessert. The reviews point to good service, so that’s worth pointing out for the best experience. St. John’s is an elegant restaurant by the way, evident from the reviews, so expect the best all the way around.

Being a displaced Kentucky boy in South Carolina currently, this next selection captures my interest. Kentucky is known for its bluegrass, but this article is about Knoxville TN of course. There is a top ranked restaurant in Knoxville called Bluegrass Grill. It is located on East Main Street and is a great brunch spot. This might be a great stop for your downtown shopping experiences.

Since I have an Uncle Larry, Uncle Larry’s Restaurant also sounds appealing to me. Hey it’s currently the #3 ranked restaurant in Knoxville according to one travel site. It’s located on E MLK Boulevard, and it serves up soul food. You’re talking turnip greens, fried catfish, turnip greens and more. It is a small, intimate establishment, and they also serve up great hushpuppies and a delicious cucumber salad.

Champy’s is also located on MLK Boulevard, so keep that in mind. Grab yourself some more soul food there with menu items like fried chicken, crawfish and tamales. Once you get done with the menu there, you might not have room for dessert. However, just remember to keep desserts in mind as you check out all of these top Knoxville restaurants for the first time.

A few more honorable mentions include Hennen’s, Community Pie and Sticky Fingers Ribhouse. There are quite a few restaurants in the city of Knoxville as mentioned, but these certainly aren’t hit or miss. If you ask me, I will start off with one of the places on MLK Boulevard that serve up soul food.